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Plan Memory CPU Storage Bandwidth Price
OpenVZ SSD Mini 512MB 1 Core 8GB SSD 200GB $3/mo Order Now
OpenVZ SSD Starter 1GB 2 Cores 15GB SSD 400GB $6/mo Order Now
OpenVZ SSD Standard 2GB 2 Cores 30GB SSD 750GB $12/mo Order Now
OpenVZ SSD Plus 4GB 4 Cores 60GB SSD 1TB $24/mo Order Now
Storage KVM Starter 1GB 1 Core 500GB HDD 1TB $10/mo Order Now
Storage KVM Standard 2GB 2 Cores 1TB HDD 2TB $20/mo Order Now
Storage KVM Plus 4GB 4 Cores 2TB HDD 4TB $40/mo Order Now
Storage KVM Mega 8GB 4 Cores 4TB HDD 8TB $80/mo Order Now
KVM Mini 512MB 1 Core 15GB HDD 250GB $5/mo Order Now
KVM Starter 1GB 2 Cores 30GB HDD 500GB $10/mo Order Now
KVM Standard 2GB 2 Cores 50GB HDD 1TB $20/mo Order Now
KVM Plus 4GB 4 Cores 100GB HDD 2TB $40/mo Order Now
KVM SSD Mini 512MB 1 Core 6GB SSD 250GB $6/mo Order Now
KVM SSD Starter 1GB 2 Cores 10GB SSD 500GB $12/mo Order Now
KVM SSD Standard 2GB 2 Cores 20GB SSD 1TB $24/mo Order Now
KVM SSD Plus 4GB 4 Cores 40GB SSD 2TB $48/mo Order Now
** All prices are listed in USD

Why SimpleNode?

Awesome Support

We're here to help with a wide range of scenarios. Let us know what you need and we'll be on top of it!

Full Control

Our SolusVM panel is available for all VMs, and root access is supplied on-demand. With KVM virtualisation you'll reap the benefits of full virtualisation.

Premium Network

Our datacenter provides redundant and robust networking. All VMs have access to a gigabit connection with near 100% uptime.

Powerful Hardware

Our nodes use Hardware RAID and have a range of Xeon CPUs to ensure our clients have the best performance possible.

Grab a slice of the internet.

Your VPS is your place on the net. You'll have your own IP address with a toolkit of awesome software - the only thing you need is an idea.

It's real easy to get going with the Linux ecosystem. There are plenty of tutorials available and they're easy to learn. The internet moves quickly - with SimpleNode you'll have a VPS deployed in just a few minutes!

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Frequently Asked  

What is a VPS?

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a self contained server which exists on a larger, physical server. A portion of the physical server's resources (CPU, RAM, Disk space) are allocated to each VPS. They can run any OS (Operating System), have their own IP address(es) and are able to be individually customised. You can use a VPS to host websites or run software of your choice.

What are the differences between OpenVZ and KVM?

KVM and OpenVZ are two different types of virtualization. KVM is considered ‘full’ virtualization, where each VPS has its own kernel. This allows KVM to have less restriction when it comes to functionality, but comes with greater overhead. OpenVZ uses a shared kernel instead, and allows for resources to be modified on the fly. Some Operating Systems are not supported by OpenVZ.

Where is my VPS located?

Our nodes (and hence all VMs) are based in Dallas, Texas, in the CoreXchange datacenter. This location provides high connectivity and redundant power feeds to ensure all VMs are highly available. We have remote staff available onsite to replace any failed disks with minimal downtime for all customers.

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