Starbound Server Hosting

We're using the same tried & tested hosting systems we've been using for our other products. Our Starbound servers are powerful, afforable and reliable.

Our Starbound servers are hosted with dedicated resources on a full VPS. This means you'll have full control and root access to your server, as well as the ease of use and automatic updates provided by our default configuration.

Our Plans

Starbound Basic

1024MB RAM


500GB BW

~3 Players*

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Starbound Large

2048MB RAM


500GB BW

~6 Players*

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What is the player limit of the server?

No player limit is imposed. You may fit as many people on your server as the resources allow, which vary between plans. *The provided player numbers is just a recommendation. Depending on map size and other configuration parameters, the actual number of players could be higher or lower.

Where is the server located?

The server is located in a datacenter in Dallas, Texas in the US. It is connected to a shared 1 Gigabit internet connection.

How do I connect to the server?

You will recieve an dedicated IP address for you to connect to with the Starbound client.

How do I control my server?

We offer you a web-based toolkit that allows you to view the console, edit basic configuration files, apply updates and backup your server. However, you also have full SSH access to the linux terminal of your VPS server, and you are free to install other software on your VPS. Please note that other software may result in reduced performance of the Starbound server.

What about updates?

Updates are automatically downloaded from steam and can be applied from the Starbound toolkit.

How long does it take to setup my server?

Our automated billing system should setup your server within 5 minutes of receiving payment. In the event that the automated system cannot provision your order, our staff can manually set up your server within 24 hours.

How can I pay for my server?

You may pay using PayPal (supports credit cards) or Bitcoin (via. BitPay)


Any questions or suggestions? Get in touch and we'll see what we can do.
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